If you want to learn how to start a blog and earn money from it, then you are reading the correct article and this article will help you to start your blog in a few easy steps. Just take the time to read this article completely and follow the steps. If you have any questions regarding it or if you are facing any problem in setup your blog, then you can get in touch with me via the Contact form. I would be happy to assist you.

Before starting the steps, you might have a question, Why should I start a blog?

Here is your answer:

In this world, everyone needs money but people do hard work to earn money it maybe 8 hours or 12 hours or more in a day under someone or for their own business but do you know there is an easy way to earn money from your home being boss of your own? Yes! blogging is an easy way to earn money online.

Now a question might be arising in your mind: How can I earn money from a blog?

So here is your answer, Basically when you create a blog, then you will write and publish your article on your blog and people will read your article.

All companies and business owners want to advertise their products so you can become an advertiser for them. You do not need to go anywhere physically and tell the people about their products. You just need to put their website link to buy, their banners, and all on your blog. If your visitors click or buy the products, then you will get commission.

You might be excited to know that what are the ways through which I can earn money with my blog.

Contents in this article:

The ways to make money with your blog

  • Google Adsense
  • Private Ads
  • Affiliate marketing
  • selling E-book, courses and videos etc
  • Sponsorship

If you have a question that I don’t have much idea in the blogging and I am very beginner, still can I do? The answer is Yes! No one is born like already known everything Like god gifted knowledge. Everyone got knowledge and experience after starting the work. So initially you will have to work hard and later you will be making money very easily. Follow step by step on how to start a blog and get started today.

How much money can I make with my blog?

The answer to this question can not be exactly how much money you can make. It totally depends upon your work, content, and visitors. If you speak about India the average expected income 1000$ to 2000$ per month which is around 70000 to 150000 Indian rupees. If you are in another country like the United States you may earn 30000$ or more per year.

According to Glassdoor, bloggers in the United States on average earn $30,000 per year. But it can not be done instantly like today you made a blog, and tomorrow you will start earning. It takes some time to grow and get traffic and sales. Some people may start earning within 6 months or some take 1 year or it may go to 2 years also. It totally depends upon your work. Now you might be getting a question that:

Do I need to pay money to start a blog?

You can start a blog for free on blogger But you will get a domain like yourname.blogspot.com which doesn’t look professional and also you will be under their conditions and restrictions. You are not provided with so many plugins and control on your blog here. It will take a long time to grow your blog or sometimes you may not. So my recommendation is to start your blog on WordPress. Spend some money and get your blog to grow fast and start earning as soon as possible. So now your intention might be on knowing:

How much do I need to pay to start a blog on WordPress?

The main things to start a blog are domain and hosting. You can purchase a domain from any of the domain provider company but you need to care for hosting. Hosting matters a lot to grow your blog soon. Traffic capacity and load time will be affected if you do not purchase a good hosting. I have provided details about it below, read the article carefully.

The cost of a domain is around 3$ to 7$, around 200 to 700 Indian rupees. It may vary from time to time on their offers and domain extension. I suggest getting a .com extension or if your target audience is Indians then you buy .in extension.

You will get a good hosting in around 40$ to 50$ for one year which is around 3000 to 4000 Indian rupees some companies provide a free domain registration with hosting. In this amount, you will get hosting for one domain. It is good for beginners to start a blog.

If you have some more money then I will suggest buying a hosting with unlimited domain because after some time when your first blog gets success you may want to start another blog so you will have to buy another hosting. Hence it will be better to buy a good hosting with unlimited domain. It costs around 70$ to 85$ per year or around 5500 to 7500. It can be less or more depending upon offers.

Before going to the steps, Let me explain briefly about it. I appreciate your patients in reading the article but trust me this article will help you to start a good blog, grow and earn money with your blog.

You might be interested to know why other people start blogging? or what are the benefits of blogging? so read below:

The reason why many people make a blog

  • To enhance writing skills
  • To enhance thinking skills
  • To increase knowledge in a particular field
  • To establish expertise
  • To increase communications
  • To make their followers updated
  • To build network
  • To make business online
  • To earn money

Now the time is to actually know step by step how to start a blog. Don’t miss any step, follow the steps one by one and you will get your blog ready within a day. I am telling again if you have any doubt about this article or in the following the steps or if you are facing problem while setting up your blog you can contact us via the contact page or via email [email protected]


If you really want to start a blog and earn lots of money. So follow each steps carefully

How to start a blog in 11 easy steps

  • step 1: choose your niche for your blog
  • step 2: select your domain name according to your niche
  • step 3: Buy a good web hosting for your blog
  • step 4: Choose a good platform to make a blog (Recommended WordPress)
  • step 5: Select a user-friendly theme to design your blog
  • step 6: Select the topics and keywords to write articles
  • step 7: write user-friendly and quality articles
  • step 8: Do proper SEO
  • step 9: Publish and Index your post in google
  • step 10: Promote your blog
  • step 11: Monetize your blog and earn money

step 1: choose your niche for your blog

The first thing for new bloggers is to choose a niche for your blog. Take some time to search, realize and decide a profitable niche. A niche is a main topic of your blog that you write about most often. Suppose you want to start a blog about smartphones then your niche will be something like the best smartphone, best android phone, best quality android phones in less price, etc.

How to choose niche?

Choosing the wrong niche may not give more profits so you have to choose a niche in which you are interested and you know more about that topic and you can explore that topic for a long time. You are not going to just write one or two articles on your niche. You have to write 50, 70, 100 or more as much as possible you can.

Topics to choose a perfect niche

For Google Adsense
  • News
  • Games
  • Education
  • Foods
  • Life style
  • Fashion
  • Quotes, wishes, Stories
For Affiliate Marketing
  • Best Mobile
  • Computers
  • Books
  • AC
  • TV
  • Watches

And many more topics and products are there on which you can start a blog. Select one of any topic in which you are interested more.

step 2: select your domain name according to your niche

Your domain name is a unique address by which your blog will be known online. Those who know your website can reach directly by typing your domain name in the browser others will be able to discover your blog by searching in Google or Bing, etc.

Selecting domain name according to your niche may generate more traffics, impressions and sales. It attracts your visitors to click your website. Try to use the short name of your blog. If it is less than 15 characters then it is best.

How to buy a domain name in 6 easy steps

  • #1. Visit Bluehost
  • #2. Go to Domains section
  • #3. Enter your Domain name and click on search
  • #4. Proceed your order
  • #5. Select extra tools (If you need)
  • #6. Fill the billing and payment information form
  • #7. Complete your Payment and enjoy your domain

If you buy a hosting that is mentioned in the next step most of the companies provide a free domain with a hosting plan so you do not need to buy separate domain. However, if you want to buy only domain then follow the steps below otherwise you can move to step2. I have negotiated with these companies for my visitors to give an extra discount. I recommend you to go through the link provided here.

#1. Visit Bluehost
Bluehost first page
#2. Go to Domains section
Bluehost buying domain
#3. Enter your Domain name and click on search
choosing domain name

If the domain is not available try with slight changes in your domain name by characters or words. If you get your domain available go to the next step

#4. Proceed your order
Order for your domain
#5. Select extra tools (If you need)
Extra tools for your site

If you don’t want any extra tools just click on proceed. I recommend you to buy Privacy + Protection. It will make your blog safe from hackers. However, if you don’t want it in the beginning you can remove it just by clicking on the cross symbol. Then click on the Proceed button.

#6. Fill the billing and payment information form
Billing information for domain order
Payment information to order domain

After filling the Billing and payment information click on Proceed now button.

#7. Complete your payment and enjoy your domain

After processing you will get an interface to enter OTP which is sent from your bank on your registered mobile number in your bank if you have chosen card payment. You can pay through Paypal also. After a successful payment, you will get an email for your order. This is how you can buy the domain. If you have any doubt don’t hesitate to ask me. I would be happy to assist you.

step 3: Buy a good web hosting for your blog

The main decision after choosing your domain is to choose a good and reliable web hosting. Choosing the wrong web host can cause many problems. Your site performance and functionality depend on web hosting. Web hosting is a Storage where all your blog data are stored and can be seen online by using your domain name or URL.

Most of the web hosting companies offer domain also. Some people buy domain separate from web hosting. I recommend you to buy all together from the same company. I have negotiated with these companies to give an extra offer to my visitors. So use the below link to purchase your domain.

The 99% of blogger experts recommend to purchase from bluehost. So follow the steps below to buy a hosting plan and domain:

How to buy hosting in a few easy steps

  • #1. Visit Bluehost
  • #2. Select your plan
  • #3. Check availability of your domain name
  • #4. Fill account and payment information
  • #5. complete payment and enjoy your hosting
#1. Visit bluehost
Visiting Bluehost to order hosting

click on Get started now to see hosting plan options

#2. Select your plan
select plan for your hosting

Select the plan you afford. I recommend if you are a beginner buy a basic one. Later you can update your plan service to plus or choice plus based on popularity you gain.

#3. Check availability of your domain name
checking availability for your domain

Just input your name in the search box to create your new domain and click on the Next button. If your domain name is available you will get a signup and payment information page.

If you already have a domain name purchased then use the right side box “use a domain you own” to enter your domain and click on the Next button you will get a signup page.

If you have not decided your domain name yet don’t worry you can create your domain later. Click on “I’ll create my domain later” down you will have an option.

#4. Fill account and payment information
Account and payment information for hosting order
Filing payment details in correct way

Fill this form correctly including payment information. Check the box at the end of all information then click on the submit button.

#5. complete payment and enjoy your hosting

You will get an interface to enter the OTP sent to your registered mobile number to your bank and complete the payment. After a successful payment, you will get your receipt in your email. And Enjoy the hosting.

step 4: Choose a good platform to make a blog (Recommended WordPress)

96.91% of bloggers create their blogs on WordPress and It is better than all other platforms. Easy to control your blog and best themes and plugins are available here so I recommend you to create your blog on WordPress. As soon as you purchase your hosting, go in the hosting section and home page you will get an option to Install WordPress click on it.

While installing WordPress you will get an interface to set your username and password. Put your username and password and remember it for later login.

Good platform to make your blog

After installation of WordPress go to cPanel and hit ‘Launch’ to launch your blog. Now your blog is ready to be designed.

step 5: Select a user-friendly theme to design your blog

To design your blog, you will have to go to the WordPress dashboard. To open your website in WordPress type your blog URL with “/wp-admin/”. It will ask username and password which you had set while installing your WordPress. For example: Suppose your blog URL is www.myfashionbeast.com then type in the browser www.myfashionbeast.com/wp-admin/ then you will get an interface like this:

Wordpress login page

Enter your username and password which you have set while installing your WordPress and click on the ‘Login In’ button. Your blog will be opened to be designed. It will look like this:

Wordpress dashboard

Click on ‘Appearance’ and then on ‘Theme’. Some themes will be already installed there like ‘Twenty Nineteen’, ‘Twenty Seventeen’ and ‘Twenty Twenty’ But you have to select a theme which is the most user-friendly and Mobile friendly to give a good experience to your visitors. Selecting the right theme is the main part of designing your blog. Your blog should be awesome in look as well as practical. There are more than three thousand themes available on WordPress.org.

Add new post

To add a new theme, Click on ‘Add new’ button’ You will get so many plugins there to install and also you will get an option to search themes Like this:

search for a better theme

How to choose the right themes for your blog in a few easy steps

  • Read the description and make sure it is relevant to your content.
  • Check responsiveness
  • Make sure it is Mobile-friendly (click here to check)
  • Make sure theme is SEO friendly
  • Preview the theme
  • Check ratings

step 6: Select the topics and keywords to write articles

You have all set now. You have bought the domain, you have bought hosting, WordPress has been installed on your blog and you have set up the theme. Now come to the blogging world. Whatever the information you will provide to the visitors is called content. Make sure you are providing correct information and relevant to the topic on which your article is written.

Before starting writing the article, you have to analyze the topic, you have to check how many monthly searches are there and what is the SD(SEO Difficulty). Writing a post on a topic that has zero searches or very few searches is not profitable anymore. Or writing a post on a topic that has SD(SEO Difficulty) more is also not profitable much if you are a beginner. You can use google keyword planner for free to find the best keyword ideas and topics or you can try ubersuggest or ahrefs tools in premium.

step 7: write user-friendly and quality articles

You might be wondering to know how to write effective and quality content for your blog so read the below and make sure you follow all the things that are described here:

Easy ways to write a user-friendly and quality content

  • Your content should be for a specific audience and provides value to your visitors in significant ways.
  • your content should attract your visitors and easily accessible. Make sure to use images or videos in your content to make your content user friendly.
  • Your content should not have a long paragraph which makes visitors bored in reading. Give proper formatting of text.
  • Make sure to use proper heading for your paragraph
  • Images or videos used in the content are related to the topic on which your article is based.
  • State your main idea and the point in the beginning that you are going to cover
  • Give an example of your idea that you cover
  • Provide an easy way to execute your idea

There are two types of content you need to worry about:

  • Pages
  • Posts

These are the static pages you should include in your blog:

About us page

On this page, you can write about yourself, your business, your team, and your work.

Contact us page

On this page, Basically you can place a contact form or email id or both so that your visitors can come in touch with you.

Privacy policy page

On this page, your privacy policy is mentioned. It can be generated automatically from your WordPress to find it in the setting.

Terms and Conditions page

On this page, your blog’s terms and conditions are there. It can be generated automatically through some plugins in WordPress or you can look to your competitor’s page, you will get an idea.

Disclaimer page

Disclaimer page will have a notice which is placed on your website in an effort to limit your liability for the outcome of the use of your site.


A post is an article that you write on a blog it can be in the form of texts, images, and videos. Providing a quality and unique content to your visitors helps your blog to grow fast. Providing quality content increases the visits session. So think and imagine high write a quality post for your visitors.

step 8: Do proper SEO

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is the process to make your blog or website visible in the search engine result page (SERP) for the quality traffic. Your blog will appear in the SERP only when you do SEO. You will get organic traffic from search engines when you do proper SEO.

Terms used in SEO

Following terms are used in SEO, you should know it before starting SEO:

SEO Title

SEO title is the title of your blog which is visible in the Search engine result page (SERP). Your visitors click on your blog by seeing your SEO title. Make sure your title provides sufficient information and relevant to the topic of your blog. SEO title is the key to generate clicks on your blog. So your SEO title should attract the visitors and make a curiosity to visitors to see your blog.

SEO Meta Description

SEO Meta Description is a brief summary of your article. Make sure SEO Meta Description describes the exact topic of your article. It will appear in the SERP so it influences click-through rate.

URL (Uniform Resource Locator)

URL is a unique address of the given web resources. Make sure your URL includes the words from the topic of your article.

SEO guide about URL

There are two popular plugins to do proper SEO 1. RankMath and 2. Yoast SEO. I suggest you use Rank Math plugin for SEO of your article because it has the best features for free which are there in Yoast SEO plugin in premium. Such as multiple keyphrases, keyword suggestions, etc. Try to achieve SEO Score 100/100 in Rank Math.

step 9: Publish and Index your post in google

After completion of a post, Publish your post to make visible for the other people and Index your post throw google search console in Google. Also, don’t forget to submit the sitemap to google search console. Or follow the steps below to submit the sitemap in google search console

How to submit the sitemap to google search console in a few easy steps

  • Visit Google search console
  • Input your blog URL
  • Verify your ownership
  • Go to sitemap section
  • Input sitemap URL (sitemap_index.xml) and submit
Submitting sitemap
Add new sitemap

step 10: Promote your blog

You have all set and learned how to start a blog. Now you are going to learn how to promote your blog. Suppose you have started a blog on shoes but people don’t know it then how will you sell shoes? That’s the reason promoting or marketing is necessary to make traffic on your blog to become a successful blogger. Let’s look at some point to do promotion and marketing for your blog:

Submit your blog to various search engines

There are more than 50 search engines where you can submit your blog and can get traffic such as Google, Bing, Yandex, EntireWeb, etc. Visit free web submission to submit your site at a time in all search engines.

Make social network and be active on social media

Social media is the best platform to get traffic from. Make a social media account that fits your niche and be active on social media. Be familiar with your followers and friends. Help them to reach their goal with your blog. become an expert in it.

Submit your blog posts to bookmarking sites

You can get lots of visitors from bookmarking sites who are searching for content within your niche. So whenever you publish a new post you should submit your post there. Some popular bookmarking sites are  Scoop.itReddit, etc

Guest blogging

Guest blogging is nothing but submitting the blog articles to the article submission sites. Write unique posts related to your blog post and give the link of your own blog post so the visitors can reach out to your blog. This is a good way to increase your traffic.

Build your mailing list

As your website grows, it is a better idea to collect mail from your visitors and your fans-followers to make them updated and notified when you publish or update your posts.

Paid advertisements can help your blog grow fast and gain relevant traffic on your blog before organic traffic. You can run paid ads on  Google AdWords, and Facebook etc.

Answers the questions in blog forums

One another best way is to answers the questions in forums. The most popular forum is Quora. I recommend you to go here and search the questions related to your niche and answer them with your blog posts link. It also increases traffic to your blog.

Make sure the content in which you put your blog post link is related to your niche. Making satisfaction to your readers is more important to get clicks on your links.

step 11: Monetize your blog and earn money

Monetization is the process of converting your blog activity into earnings. Remember your content is not only for making money it should provide value to the readers. To create valuable content that attracts readers and make them come back again and again to your blog.

After providing valuable content to your readers try to engage with them. After getting a list of followers and subscribers you could make your blog profitable.

how to monetize your blog:

Following are the ways to monetize your blog

#1. Google Adsense

Running ads on your blog through Google Adsense is the most popular way to monetize your blog. You will get money through each click on the ads showing on your blog.

#2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of earnings by selling the other’s product online through your blog, social media, etc. It can generate revenue even while you sleep which is called passive income.

Basically you will act as a seller between companies and customers. what you all have to do is to put their product links on your blog, social media, youtube, etc. Whoever will buy the product through the link you shared you will get commissions.

Simply putting link anywhere may not bring sales to you. So the content where you put the link should be related to that product. You can join Amazon affiliates, ShareASale, etc to become an affiliate.

#3. write and sell your own E-books

The other best way to earn money is by writing and selling your E-books. Make your blog content with some extra things as downloadable. Your ebook can be sold independently from your blog. A great publishing ebook is offered by Amazon.

#4. Put sponsored posts on your blog

Putting sponsored posts on your blog can act as your side income. When your blog will start getting lots of traffic and you will have a list of your followers and fans then either you can approach to company or company may approach you to put their posts on your blog.

A quick summary of this post

How to start a blog in 11 easy steps

step 1: choose your niche for your blog

step2: Select your domain name according to your niche

step 3: Buy a good web hosting for your blog

step 4: Choose a good platform to make a blog (Recommended WordPress)

step 5: Select a user-friendly theme to design your blog

step 6: Select the topics and keywords to write articles

step 7: write user-friendly and quality articles

step 8: Do proper SEO

step 9: Publish and Index your post in google

step 10: Promote your blog

step 11: Monetize your blog and earn money

I have written this article just to help and guide the people who actually want to start a blog and earn money from it. If you found it informative please comment below. Use the link provided here to purchase the domain and hosting to get an extra discount on your order. Let me know If you are facing any problem I would be happy to assist you.

FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

If you are a beginner and just want to start a blog for free then you can start on the blogger platform. But you may face some difficulty to optimize and grow your blog. When you buy a domain name on blogger for free then your blog URL will contain blogspot.com. For example, domain_name.blogspot.com which doesn't look a professional blog. However, If you just want to learn and to enhance your writing and thinking skills you can start on blogger.
When you go for free blog creation, there will be a lack of controls on designing your blog. In free blogging, there have limits on monetization and there may not have 24/7 hours supports if anything goes wrong with your blog.
If you want to build a community, grow your business, make money, etc then you should start a blog on WordPress. Creating a blog on WordPress is free but you will have to buy a domain and hosting for your blog. I recommend some of the paid (Affordable) hosting from Bluehost. If you are looking at how to start a blog then read this article carefully and follow step by step.

If you are a beginner and want to start a blog then I recommend purchasing a hosting plan from Bluehost that costs you around 35$/year if you buy for 3 years and around 60$ which is around 4565 Indian rupees. It may vary from time to time you can check here for the latest price. A domain will be free with your hosting plan so you do not need to buy a separate domain. Follow the steps in this article to start a new blog.

Yes, Absolutely And Blogging is more profitable in 2020 than ever before. According to the survey, More people have come online in 2020 than before. The growth of coming people online is increasing day-by-day. So don't be offset because you have not started before or it is too late. Think this is only the right time to start a blog. One day you will be the leader in this and people will follow you. Start your blog with Bluehost at affordable price and grow your blog as soon as possible.

If you have got an information about starting a blog but still you are thinking why should I start a blog then here are 9 good reasons to get started today:
#1: To enhance reading, writing, and thinking skills.
#2:To build your personal brand
#4. To build a communication network
#5. To explore your lifestyles and ideas to the world
#6. To grow your business online
#7. To learn new things
#8. To keep your followers updated
#9. To make money
There could be even one reason among them to get started. If you are starting a blog then you should be continued in your work. Follow the steps given in this article to start a blog.

There are several ways through which bloggers get paid. Remember becoming a blogger and making money from a blog is a different thing. If you just started a blog even on blogger or WordPress you can be called a blogger. But to make money from your blog, you will have to monetize your blog. There are the following ways through which bloggers get paid:
#1. Google Adsense
#2. Affiliate commission
#3. Sponsored posts
#4. Selling ebook, courses, videos, etc
If you are a beginner in blogging then you have to work hard and you should publish the posts in a continuous manner. Keep patients one day you will get paid If you are doing blogging in a good way. follow the steps in this article to start a blog.

Deciding the right name is a common question for new bloggers. I have tried here to make you choose the right name for your blog. First of all focus on the following questions:
#1. what is your niche?
#2. why do you want to start a blog?
#3. What are the messages you want to deliver to your visitors?
#4. what are the benefits that you can give to your visitors?
Answer these all questions and decide a name for your blog. For example, If you want to start a blog on Government jobs, you want to give information about govt jobs and you want to notify your visitors to alert for jobs then your domain name could be govtjobsalert.com. check other blogs also in your niche to see how they name it and get some ideas from them.
If you are still not able to decide domain name for your blog you can try out Smart WP's domain name generator

If you are a beginner then It usually takes 1 to 2 years to make money from your blog if you have consistency in your work to earn money.
If you have enough knowledge in blogging but haven't started yet then you may start making money within 6 months to 1 year from your blog if you are putting your full effort and consistency in your work.
If you have well experience in blogging, you were working for someone else but now you want to start your own blog then, in this case, you may start making money within 1 to 6 months.

Well, this the common question for all the beginners. The First important thing in this is to care for quality content. If your blog doesn't provide quality content then the visitors who visited your blog will not come again. So focus on quality content that attracts users then readers only will share your blog with their friends and you will get visitors.
The second thing is to use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc. Create your own page on Facebook and find groups related to your niche and share your posts there. You can get easily and relevant traffic from these social media.
The third way to drive traffic on your blog is guest posting. Find out the blog related to your niche who offers guest posting. Write a unique post for it and put your blog link as a suggestion to read your blog.

If you have all done with your blog, written enough posts, getting enough traffic on your blog, have a list of followers and subscribers then you can go through either affiliate programs or Google Adsense. Get approval from Google Adsense and run ads on your blog and make money blogging.

I have tried to answer all questions which usually Beginners have. If you still have any question ask below in comment section I will try to answer as soon as I can.

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