If you are looking for exact definitions of a blog and the terms related to blogs such as bloggers, blogging, etc, and easy explanations of these words then this article will help you to understand quickly. Look at what we covered in this article

9 Topics we covered in this article

  • What is a blog?
  • What is blogging?
  • History of blogging
  • Who is a blogger?
  • What is the difference between a blog and a website?
  • Whether I should start a blog?
  • Where to start a blog?
  • How to create a blog?
  • How to make a profitable blog?

What is a blog?

Definition of a bog

A blog is an online diary or informational website where information is displayed in the reverse chronological order. The latest post appears first. A blog needs to be updated regularly. A blog consists of both posts and pages.

Structure of a blog

A blog consists of mainly four parts

  • Header
  • Main content
  • Sidebar
  • Footer
Structure of a blog

The above example is for basic blog structure. We will discuss one by one:


Header basically consists of your site logo, title, short description, Menu bar. You can create a logo for your blog on PicsArt on your own or you can order for your logo on designhill. Title and description basically show what is your blog about. So give the relevant information to your visitors in a short description.

Menu bar consists of pages links, Posts links, Home page link, any special or favorite content links, etc

Main content

The main content consists of either a static page or all your blog posts in reverse chronological order with the latest post appearing first.

The static page in the main content (Speaking about home page, not a post) may consist all about your business, services, products, etc. Blog posts consist of featured images, posts title, and meta description with the link of that post.


Sidebar consists of the Latest posts, Favorite posts, popular posts, social profiles, important links, categories, tags, etc. You can put any one of these, Any combination of these or all of these. As my suggestion, putting your latest posts and social profiles are better.


Footer part of a blog consists of important pages such as About us, contact us, privacy policy, terms and condition, disclaimer page, etc.

About us page consists of a detailed description of the owner of the blog, business, products, etc. Contact us page usually contains a contact form or blog owner’s email address. Privacy policy, terms and conditions, and disclaimer pages are almost the same for all blogs. You can check out your competitor’s blogs to get ideas about it.

How does a blog work?

To understand how does a blog works let’s look at the process of blogging.

A blogger first buys a domain name from domain name provider company such as Bluehost which can be a .com, .net, .org, .co, etc. A domain name acts as a unique address of a blog on the web through which people will rich to the blog.

Then the next step a blogger does is buying hosting from hosting provider companies such as Bluehost. Hosting is storage where data is stored and can be view as online. To understand this, take an example of your mobile device. Your mobile might have storage of 16gb, 32gb, 64gb, or it could be more or less. You can store data such as photos, videos, pdfs, files, etc in your phone but the thing is that only you can view these data because it is stored in local storage. But a blog’s data stored globally on the server and can be view through a unique address that’s called URL through the internet.

What is blogging?

Definition of blogging

A blogging is a way to create and control a blog that requires a set of skills such as posting the articles and pages, sharing, linking, etc.

The blog word has come from “weblog”. Earlier a blog was used to share personal information such as a diary to the other people through a webpage called a personal blog. From 2000, blogging was used for various purposes, for example, Politics, news, business, etc. And the growth of blogging increased exponentially. Now millions of blogs are being created every day.

Why blogging is popular?

If you are looking for why blogging is popular then I would say it has multiple factors behind the popularity of blogging. Look at these factors:

  • Blogging is a good source to share the information to the people
  • Blogging helps in building network communication
  • Blogging helps the companies to keep their customers updated
  • A person can start blogging to share his/her ideas, knowledge, etc
  • Blogging can make money

After realizing these factors, Almost everyone has these needs that can be filled with blogging. Hence the blogging is becoming so popular day by day.

History of blogging

The blogging has been since 1993. The first blogger was  Rob Palmer. He was working in a company in London and wrote a post on quarterly publications for their company and published on their website. Considering free online journal what’s now called a blog (Shortening of weblog).

 Just a few months later 19-year-old Justin Hall was started his personal blog. His blog consisted of ramblings and links. That’s how personal blog began. In 1997 Jorn Barger, an American blogger, coined the term “weblog,” which was quickly shortened to “blog.”

After that, web developers got to know that the people are interested in blogging and want to share ideas and their diary. So in 1998  Open Diary was born where people were more interested to share their ideas, thoughts, etc and that’s how this became popular.

In 2007, micro-blogging emerged with the emergence of twitter and ideal blog posts.

Then in 2016 WordPress came live with basic tools for designing a blog. and now WordPress has become the most common platform for blogging.

Now in 2020, more than 70 million new posts are being published every month on WordPress. An average blogger spends 3 and a half hours on writing 1500 words where readers read it in 37 seconds.

Who is a blogger?

Now in 2020, bloggers have become a popular topic for the people. The reason behind the popularity of bloggers is that it is has become a career for many people. A general person also can start a blog in very less investment or also for free can make money from it. I recommend to read how to start a blog if you want to know it.

Definition of a blogger

A person can be known as a blogger if he runs or controls a blog. He or she shares his/her ideas, knowledge, information, lives, etc through a blog. A blog can be for commercial purposes in any of the categories such as news, politics, personal, business, etc.

How bloggers get paid?

Getting paid from a blog is not quick easy like overnight. It takes much time to build an audience, ranking at the top in SERP, making quality content. If you are starting a new blog and you are a beginner it may take around 1 year or more to make a good income from your blog.

There are following ways through which a blogger can get paid:

  • Placing ads from Google Adsense or private ads on the blog
  • Through sponsored posts offered by companies
  • Making own business online through a blog and selling products
  • Affiliate commissions by selling other companies products
  • Selling ebook, courses, videos through a blog

If you are starting a personal blog then you can earn from placing ads, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and selling ebook, videos, etc. but if you are creating a blog for your own you may not like to place ads on your posts and sponsored posts. But you can sell your ebook, tutorials, courses, ideas, etc and earn from a blog along with selling your own products.

What is the difference between a blog and a website?

Following are the main difference between a blog and a website:

All blogs are websiteAll websites are not a blog
A blog consists of both posts and pagesA website consists of only pages
A blog needs to be updated regularlyA website may not be updated for a long time until any changes requires
A blog can not have only one page or postA website can have even only one static page
Blog posts are displayed in reverse chronological orderIt doesn’t contain posts
Example: http://www.siteguideforyou.com/Example: https://www.tata.com/
Difference between a blog and a website

I hope you understood the main difference between a blog and a website. On the web, blogs are more than the websites. Millions of people are coming forward to create blogs.

Whether I should start a blog?

Yes! of course. Everyone wants to make money, enhance writing and thinking skills, to build an audience by giving just a few hours in a day. It could be part-time work and you can earn money more than you earn from a full day work. So why to think so much! Let’s start a blog.

Look at why you should get started today!

  • Blogging increases your confidence
  • It enhances your reading, writing, and thinking skills
  • It has a potential for self-growth
  • It is a great community
  • You can build a network communication
  • It gives a creative outlet
  • It enhances technological skills
  • You can make money from blogging

After looking at these advantages of blogging I don’t think you will wait for more time to get started. However, you can look at my other post on how to start a blog where I have tried to answer all your questions. If you have any doubt you can comment below I will try to answer as soon as possible.

Where to start a blog?

It is the first question when you think to start a blog. There are multiple options where you can start your blog such as WordPress, Blogger, MovableType, Ghost, Tumblr, etc. But look at the percentage of using the platform to create blogs:

Blog Engine0.01%
Anchor CMS0%
Platforms to create free blogs

Now you might be deciding to create a blog either on WordPress or on blogger


Blogger is a free platform to start a blog where domain and hosting are completely free. you are not supposed to pay even 1$. It is a good platform to get started. But you will be under some restrictions and controls. Your domain name will contain blogspot.com which doesn’t look professional. However, you can buy a domain on Bluehost and can connect with your blogger hosting. Still, you will not have so much control over your blog on blogger as much on WordPress. As the WordPress has so many plugins to customize your blog accordingly.

What is Blogspot?

Some people often question what is a Blogspot. So the Blogspot is a domain extension provided by the blogger platform for free to start a blog for beginners. Your domain name will look like domain_name.blogspot.com.


WordPress is a good platform to create a blog with a self-hosted server. Here you will have full control over your blog. So many options and plugins to customize your blog according to your needs. And also so many best themes are there for different categories of the blogs. I recommend you to start your blogging journey on WordPress.

If you want to start a blog on WordPress you need to buy hosting and domain name. I strongly recommend you to buy from Bluehost. This company powers over 20 million blogs and websites and have a good trust to the people. It provides a free domain with a hosting plan. 24/7 hours full support. If you don’t like their services they provide 30-days money-back guarantee.

How to create a blog on WordPress?

If you are looking for how to create a blog on WordPress then read this article and follow step by step. There are a few easy steps you need to follow to create a blog. First, before going into the steps you should be prepared with these things:


You have to first decide on what topic you will create a blog. This is the most important thing to decide to create your blog. Think about the topic, in which you are interested more, what is your goal, and what message you are going to deliver to your visitors then select the best niche for your blog. For example, your niche could be cooking food, living the best life, entertainment, stories, news, game, online marketing, etc

Domain name

Selecting the best domain name is also one of the most important things. To choose a good domain, analyze your niche. A domain name related to your niche may generate more clicks and more traffic to your blog. Actually a domain name related to the niche attracts the people. So think before you buy as it can not be changed later. You can use the following tool to check the availability of your domain:

Payment options

Be prepared with your card or PayPal through which you will complete your payment for your order. You need one email id on which your payment receipt is sent. Check the availability of enough balance in your account. If you are ready with everything then move to the steps to follow for creating a blog.

Step 1: visit Bluehost

Visit the link for Exclusive offer for our visitors. Then click on get started.

Visiting blue host for hosting

Step 2: Choose plan

If you are a beginner then I recommend you to choose a basic plan that has everything which a beginner needs. As your blog grows and builds a large audience then your requirements may increase at that time you can upgrade your plane with plus or choice plus which has lots of facilities.

choosing best hosting plan from bluehost

Step 3: Input your domain name

Enter your domain name and check availability. If the domain is not available you try with slight changes in your domain name. If you get your domain name available click on next. If you haven’t decided yet your domain name don’t worry you can register later also. Click on I’ll create my domain later.

finding domain on bluehost

step 4: Fill account information and payment details

Fill account information and payment details form correctly and check out the box at the end and then submit it.

filling order details for hosting plan
account information to order hosting on bluehost

Complete your payment. you will get order detail and receipt on your email after successful completion of payment

Step5: Go to cPanel of Bluehost and install WordPress on your domain. To start writing posts on your blog, go to the browser type yourdomainname.com/wp-admin and enter user id and password which you have set while installing WordPress. For more read how to start a blog.

I hope now you are able to create a blog. If you are facing any problem or have any doubts drop a comment below.

How to make a profitable blog?

There are 8 strategies you should follow to make your blog profitable. Even I have followed these strategies and recommending you based on my experience. These strategies will make your visitors to come back your blog again and again. Let’s look at these strategies.

Strategies to make your blog profitable

I will not take too much your time. I know how time is important for you so I have discussed only main points which are actually needed to make your blog profitable.

Social media

Social media is the best platform to drive traffic on your blog such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You must have the social profiles to build an audience and make a trust to the people. Look at what your audience needs, and try to answer them as soon as possible so that a trust will be built between your audience and you.

Collecting emails from visitors of your blog

Collect emails from visitors to make them updated with new posts. This strategy really works. You send them an email with a good suggestion and your blog link. This is the best strategies to generate traffic on your blog. Remember, users interest is most important. Do not send too many emails so that users get irritated and may block. Try always writing good content that attracts users and make them come back to your blog.


If your blog gains enough traffic then you can apply for Google Adsense and make from impressions and clicks. Try to place ads on a suitable place on your blog such as in the header, sidebar, bottom of the post, etc. Placing too many ads on your blog will also not give a better user experience. So keep limitations for everything.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best option to make your blog profitable. There are two types of products for which you can do affiliate marketing. The first thing is physical products such as Mobiles, Laptops, AC, TV, etc and the second thing is non-physical products such that ebook, online courses, software, tools, hosting, etc. sell those products on through your blog and make your blog profitable.

Selling your own products

Selling your own product may generate money more than you imagine. Sales are completely dependent on your quality of products, how much traffic you gain on your blog, how large your audience is, the quality of articles on your blog, how many visitors are getting engaged with your content, etc.

This is another option to make your blog profitable. The companies are always looking for a medium to make their sales. Most of the companies offer sponsored posts to advertise their products. Remember, If you recommend the wrong products to your visitors then you may lose trust between the visitors. So always before advertising, research that product and try out yourself then recommend to visitors.

I hope you have learned something important from this article. If you managed to create a blog then the next step is to write quality articles. Focus on it. All the best for your blogging journey. If you liked it drop a comment below. Tell us your opinion. If you need any help contact me via the contact form. If you want me to write an article on a particle topic tell me in the comment section.

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